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Dunn Right Sauce

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Dunn Right Sauce is a family run business, established in February of 2015. Erica and Nick Dunn began their journey into the gourmet sauce world. They started out making their signature "Original" sauce for friends and family.

Erica started selling our signature "Original" sauce at the Moncton Farmers Market and online by late summer of 2015. Their signature sauce was such a hit, they created other flavours. Dunn Right Sauce now has 7 flavours , Original, Buffalo Blueberry, Buffalo Hickory, Buffalo Pumpkin, Buffalo Habanero, Buffalo Ghost and Buffalo Reaper.

In July of 2016 Erica and Nick attended the Trending Expo in Springhill, NS. It was at this event that Dunn Right Sauce was discovered.

Today Erica and Nick Dunn continue to make their sauces in Riverview, NB. Each and every bottle is manually filled, sealed and labelled. Dunn Right Sauce can be found in Gourmet Shops, Meat Markets, Specialty shops and grocery stores through out Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

Our Story




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