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Dunn Right Sauce

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Are you sick of all the same old sauces and condiments?


If you are, pick up a bottle of Dunn Right Sauce, just look for the pepper.

Dunn Right Sauce can be found at select gourmet and specialty shops, meat markets, and grocery stores throughout Ontario and Atlantic Canada.


Dunn Right Sauce is not responsible for your new addiction to buffalo sauce.

Eating Dunn Right Sauce may cause you to put buffalo sauce on everything you eat.

You may find yourself wondering what else can you put buffalo sauce on?

You will want your friends to try Dunn Right Sauce.

You most definitley will crave buffalo sauce.

You may dream about buffalo sauce.

We reserve the right to make food spicy everywhere.


Dunn Right Sauce

Gourmet Sauces

Endless Possibilities

Dunn Right Sauce can be used as a marinade for any cut of beef,chicken or pork, on seafood, as a dip, mixed with mayo for sandwiches and wraps, on wings or by the spoonful.

Locally Sourced Ingredients


Dunn Right Sauce is made local and uses locally sourced ingredients that are gluten free. This contibutes to its intense flavour.


Small Batch


Each batch of Dunn Right Sauce conists of only 96 bottles. When you purchase a bottle, you can feel confident, that it was produced with the highest attention to detail. From creating to labelling every bottle is handled with care.

Be assured that when you pick up a bottle that it's 1 of 96.


Our Process