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Dunn Right Sauce

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Having a dinner party?


These buffalo sauce inspired appetizers will surely take your get together to the next level.


Buffalo Cream Cheese Wontons, Buffalo and Cranberry Cheese Ball, Buffalo Bacon Wrapped Cheese bits, and Buffalo Shrimp.


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Need a pick me up at lunch?


These quick and easy recipes have quite the kick to keep you going. Vegetarian Brocoli Pasta, Buffalo Shrimp and Salad, Buffalo Chicken Wrap even Buffalo Mac and Cheese.


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Whether you are having something simple to a dish that is delectable From burgers, to ribs, to big juicy steaks to casseroles what ever you are making Dunn Right Sauce has you coved.


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Having a family breakfast or brunch?


Wake up your taste buds with these mouth watering buffalo sauce inspired dishes. From perfectly poached eggs, to bleu cheese fritatta these dishes are enticing.


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It's a wing thing

Bake, BBQ or Fry your wings until they are golden brown usually 20-25 mins depending on cooking method. Place cooked wings in a covered bowl, pour desired amount of your favourite Dunn Right Sauce on top and shake or stir gently until coated. Serve with Blue Cheese and Celery





Want something different?


Try these Buffalo Chicken and Waffle Bowls, they are a perfect mix of sweet and spicy!